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Welcome to The Romang Collection

With a degree in Eastern Studies and a passion for Asian art, Gustavo Romang founded The Romang Collection with the mission to unite cultures and bring people together. The Collection boasts antique, modern, and contemporary Asian artworks and has built a strong reputation among private collectors around the world. 

The Romang Collection of Art, comprise some 1000 Japanese, Chinese and Korean art objects.

Our special pieces include Japanese fine art, contemporary and antique Japanese Ceramics, Korean art, Chinese antiques, Meiji era and Edo period art, Japanese tea ceremony bowls (Chawans), Japanese and wood Lacquer Maki-e art, antique and modern Korean ceramics, just to name a few. 


Each work of art in The Romang Collection has been meticulously conserved, researched, catalogued and we stand behind the quality and integrity of our authentic and genuine art and antiques.

We are constantly updating new artworks so we encourage you to visit the website weekly to discover our latest selection.

Visit the About page to learn more about Gustavo Romang and the Collection. 

Contact information:

Email: romangcollection@gmail.com

Tel: +1 (336) 402-7780

Raleigh, NC, United States

April Arrivals


By The Intangible Cultural Property Mizuno Takuzo (Sawasan).  

Large Shino Chawan with Bridge, known as “Bridge of the Gods” (Shinkyō) 

Period: Contemporary


Date: 20th Century


Materials: Ceramics


Style or Ware: Shino ware.



D: 14.0cm. 5.51Inches

H: 9.8cm. 3.85Inches

Mizuno Takuzo was born in Toki in 1927 and in 1945 he apprenticed under 12th generation Kato Keiaki. His works are broadly exhibited throughout Japan.

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